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Meal Prep For Weight Loss

I just climbed Mission Peak for the first time over the weekend! The guy standing next to me is my good ole’ mentor and friend, Paul. So here we are at the top huffing and puffing. It was crazy. The hike was almost straight up! Fortunately … Paul brought food. Whew! Protein bars, Gatorade candies, and […]

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Healing food insecurity with hunger

No amount of protein ‘correctness’ will ever work … Unless you tune in … To your energetic source. Your hunger. By this I mean … how can you be healthy (whatever that means to you) if you aren’t in tune with your hunger? Hunger is your inner guide to health. Your hunger is your direct link […]

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Is there any one size fits all approach?

Yesterday a member of this email list emailed me about protein. And I really appreciated their insight! Their powerful insight was … There can be TOO much protein. Like you can experience health complications if you eat too much beef, meat, eggs, etc. So I want to thank this person for sharing a bit of […]

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