Intuitive Eating Event

Jared's Weight Loss Enlightenment Workshop (4)
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Come to our cozy Intuitive Eating support group!

Our meeting is based upon the Overeaters Anonymous format.

(Except instead of the 12-steps, we focus on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating and do more interactive exercises)

By reserving your ticket and coming to the meeting with an open, you'll get a free: 

  1. Practical Intuitive Eating Journal
  2. Access To 7-Day Online Class 

So here is the meeting agenda for our Intuitive Eating support:

  • - 5 min Greeting
  • - 5 min Mindfulness
  • - 10 min Intuitive Eating Reading
  • - 10 min Learning Exercise
  • - 30-60 mins Open group discussion

If you can't find us, please message me at 614-385-3455.

Jared obtained his Master's Counseling Degree from Santa Clara University in 2018. He obtained his Yoga Alliance 200 Hour certification in 2013 and has lived as a Zen Monk for 13 months, becoming Lay Ordained in 2013. Jared has worked as a Autism Behavior Trainer, Personal Trainer and currently lives in Santa Clara.